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May 31 2012

How to Get Twitter Followers

I’ve had a Twitter account since 2008, and it took me until 2010 before I tweeted for the first time. Since then I didn’t really do anything with it. I had less than 100 followers and followed about the same back with my MoneyM8 twitter. I was just too busy with other projects, websites, and work for my clients.

About a week and a half ago I decided to see if I could get more followers for the MoneyM8 Twitter. A few days later I had 777 followers as shown in the screenshot below.

777 Followers on Twitter

I gained 600+ followers in a few days. Today, a week and a day later, I’m up to 1644 followers. Gaining another 1000 or so followers.

1644 Followers on Twitter

Now, there are many people on Twitter that have many, many, many more followers than I do. I’m not trying to say I have a lot by posting the above. I’m just trying to show you with a bit of work you could have many people following you too.

I just started following people, and they would follow back. I’d unfollow people who unfollowed me, and continue following more people. I used Twitter apps like or to help with following and unfollowing.

I found hashtags #TeamFollowBack #iFollowBack #WeFollowBack and many more like them, had people who would follow back when you followed them. Using these types of hashtags will also help people find you when they click on them. Also, retweeting people’s tweets, especially those from “#TeamFollowBack” teams can help with gaining followers. These tweets will say something like “RETWEET IF YOU WANT NEW FOLLOWERS” or “RETWEET IF YOU’RE #TEAMFOLLOWBACK”.

Retweet if you want new followers

Now, this not might get you followers that fit in with your niche, but it can boost your followers quick (in a few days or weeks), which you can then compliment with more targeted followers.

If you want to guarantee getting a follower, follow me and I’ll follow back as soon as I’m on Twitter again.

Mar 22 2010

Lagging, Hanging, Slow loading websites in Internet Explorer IE Firefox Browser Problem FIXED

I have been at my wits end the past few days trying to troubleshoot what was the cause of lagging, hanging, slow loading websites in Internet Explorer (IE) and Firefox browser.

Both browsers have been slow to load websites and the loading icon would just spin and spin and spin without loading the websites. I would have to click links multiple times or refresh constantly to get websites to load, and even that never worked perfectly all the time. Sometimes I would have to close the browser and restart only to go through the same process,

I am usually really good at finding out what is causing a problem and fix it the same day, but this was annoying to say the least.

I thought perhaps my internet service provider was having problems, but a call to them quickly determined it wasn’t on their end.

I tried disabling my firewall and Anti-virus to see if that was the problem, but the browsers were still slow and hanging when trying to load websites. I disabled browser add ons, but that didn’t help. I tried so many different things that I don’t even have the time to type them out and I don’t recommend unless you know what you’re doing anyways.

I was using AVG Free Anti-Virus on this computer and finally decided to completely UNINSTALL it and use a different anti-virus software. IT WORKED! Websites are now loading as fast as they were before.

I am assuming an automatic update to AVG Free anti-virus changed something with the software and created the issue with the hanging, lagging, slow loading websites in IE and Firefox.

I didn’t think AVG was causing the browser problems initially because I DISABLED AVG anit-virus and I was still having the browser problems. I had to completely UNINSTALL AVG Free anti-virus in order for my browsers to return to normal speed and the problem with slow loading, hanging websites went away. For some reason just disabling it didn’t work.

I have never had any problems with AVG anti-virus before up until this point and I really liked their anti-virus software. I hope that the technical staff at AVG can troubleshoot what was causing AVG Free Anti-Virus to cause the browsers to hang when loading websites.

If you are also having a problem with slow loading websites and you use AVG anit-virus, hopefully this fixes the issue for you as well.

Jan 1 2010

2010 New Year’s Resolutions – Tweet on Twitter and Blog EVERYDAY


Now, I know many people come up with New Year’s resolutions every year to better themselves or the environment like; stop smoking, lose Weight, eat healthier, exercise more, get out of debt, drive less/walk more, use less energy, reduce/reuse/recycle more, all of which are great resolutions (some of which are among my “offline” resolutions), but my 2010 resolutions that I’m going to share with you are going to pertain to my online world on and my Twitter account.

My 2010 New Year’s Resolutions are to Tweet on Twitter EVERYDAY and post on this blog EVERYDAY in 2010.

Yeah, I know, BIG plans!

If you go to my twitter page, you’ll see that I have never tweeted before (until today January 1, 2010), even though I have had the Twitter account since 2008. Twitter has been all the rage over the last year or so, but I haven’t jumped on the bandwagon. That is all going to change…maybe. I will try to tweet at least once a day, every single day in 2010, even if no one reads them or cares. If you want to, you can follow MoneyM8 on Twitter.

I didn’t really find a need, or have time, for Twitter when I joined back in 2008. Who knows if I’ll have the time for Twitter in 2010? Others have made a lot of money through the use of twitter. Some even get paid to tweet. Who wants to send a few dollars my way to Tweet on Twitter? Some just tweet obsessively throughout the day about everything they are doing. I promise to never tweet when I am on the…um…throne.

You’ll also notice I haven’t exactly posted all that much on either. I have just been so busy with making a real living out in the “real world”, although the internet world is the real world for a lot of internet businesses and bloggers.

I’ll have my work cut out for me to come up with something to post about everyday. I’ve posted a few tutorials such as How to add YouTube Videos to phpBB that proved quite useful for many. Maybe I’ll post a few more of those. If you need a tutorial for something, need help with something, or have anything else that can give me ideas to post about please feel free to shoot me an email.

I am not particularly good with New Year’s Resolutions. Will I be able to Tweet and Blog everyday? Only the next 365 days will tell. Whew, it’s not a leap year! What will be easier, tweeting everyday or blogging everyday?

What are your 2010 New Year’s Resolutions?

Well, this is the first post on day #1 of 2010 with only 364 more days to go and just between you and me… I didn’t even type it on January 1st ;-) I wonder if I’m hung over right now?

Nov 24 2009

How to Align Adsense Right or Left in your Blog Posts

If you are wondering how to align your Adsense ads in your blog posts to the right (float right) (as I have it when you go to the page) or align to the left (float left), then follow these simple instructions.

I use the Adsense Deluxe WordPress plugin, so if you haven’t already done so, it is a good idea to add the Adsense Deluxe plug-in first or similar WordPress Adsense plug-in which you can find in the WordPress plugin directory. An adsense WordPress plugin will make it easier when you want to change your Adsense code so you don’t have to edit every post, you just change the code you added in the plug-in and it changes the code for all your ads on your blog. If you don’t use wordpress, you can still use the following instructions, but you will need to place your full Adsense code in place of the Adsense Deluxe code.

After you have set up your Adsense Deluxe WordPress Plug-in with your Adsense code, you just use the following code and add the Adsense Deluxe code for the ad you want to appear in place of the “ADD CODE HERE” text…

(leave out the p with arrow brackets at the end as wordpress is adding it in to the code and it shouldn’t be there)

…and place it at the start of your post and start typing your article right after as shown in the image just below…

The above code will align your adsense ad to the right (float right) in the blog post as I have mine when you’re on the page. (I have my blog set to show the blog post ads only when you’re on the page of the blog post).

If you want to align your adsense ads to the left (float left) in your blog post, use the following code (replace “ADD CODE HERE” with the Adsense Deluxe code for the ad you want to appear)…

(leave out the p with arrow brackets at the end as wordpress is adding it in to the code and it shouldn’t be there)

If you created different Adsense ads in Adsense Deluxe you can replace the Adsense Deluxe code with the one you want to appear. As you can see in the image I’m using one that I created which is called “skyscraper” which aligns to the top right in my blog post because I placed it right at the start of my blog post. (Remember when changing the Adsense deluxe code, the code includes the part that looks like arrows).


You can also change the margins to what you want, but I recommend leaving them as they are in the code I provided at 5px for the top, right, bottom, and 20px for the right. That will leave the appropriate amount of space between your Adsense ad and your blog post text, as you can see with my ads. It makes it look better because you don’t have the text too close to the ads and you also don’t want too much space between them.

You can also place the code further down in your blog posts, as I did with another block, if you want your ads to appear further down so your readers run into the ads while they are reading your articles.

If I am using a wide image at the top of a blog post I like to place the adsense ads a little further down (example) into the post. You can try different ad placements to see which work best for you.

If this tutorial has helped you please feel free to post your comments below.

If you need some help or if you have any questions please post them below and I’ll answer them when I can.

Sep 16 2009

How to guarantee perfect 5 Star Detailed Seller Ratings (DSR) from eBay Buyers

Ah yes, as an eBay seller, don’t you just love the 1 to 5 Star Detailed Seller Ratings (DSR) that eBay buyers can leave for you?

In addition to feedback, eBay buyers can leave anonymous ratings from 1 to 5 Stars on 4 criteria – Item as described, Communication, Shipping time, Shipping and handling charges.


If you’re an eBay seller, I bet you have noticed that no matter how hard you try to please your eBay buyers you always seem to get hit with a low DSR at some point.

I have compiled a list of things you can do as an eBay seller to guarantee 5 Star ratings on DSR from every one of your eBay buyers:

Item As Described:

In your eBay listing, offer to fly the item to your potential buyer’s location so they can physically handle, look at and inspect the item before bidding/buying. It’ll be like they can walk into your “store” in the comfort of their own home. They will have no reason to rate your “Item As Described” DSR low and think of all the frequent flyer miles you’ll accumulate.


Since you already flew the item to your potential buyers location, make sure you take them out to dinner and talk about all of your policies so they know them before they bid/purchase.

After they bid and win or purchase your item, add their phone number to your speed dial. Call them and tell them how happy you are they bought your item and that you booked your overnight flight to deliver their package. Once you arrive, take them out for dinner again so you can talk about your return policy.

Continuing calling your buyer daily until they leave feedback and Detailed Seller Rating to see how they are doing, how they like the item, and anything else that comes up.

Shipping Time:

Why deal with the silly postal service or those other courier companies? As mentioned above, book that overnight flight to your buyer’s city immediately upon payment and personally deliver the package yourself. Unfortunately this still may not be fast enough and scientists haven’t invented the “Beam me up Scottie” machine (sorry Trekkie fans I’m not an expert in Star Trek technology) so you could instantly beam the item to your buyer.

Shipping and Handling Charges:

FREE SHIPPING BABY! FREE SHIPPING BABY! FREE SHIPPING BABY! Offer free shipping and don’t even add the shipping cost into the price. Absorb all costs associated with shipping, packaging material, etc., even if you lose money. It’s not about making money anymore, it’s about getting those 5 pretty StarsĀ  5-stars.

…actually you can’t really do anything to GUARANTEE perfect 5 Star DSR ratings from every buyer on eBay, which is why we had fun with you above.

There are always going to be those few eBay buyers that rate sellers low on the detailed seller rating criteria no matter what you do or how perfect your product or service is. You could actually do all of the silly things above and I would bet there would still be some dumb eBay buyer that rates your DSRs low. If those eBay buyers could only understand how much those ratings (even 4 stars) can hurt a seller and prevent sellers from receiving eBay fee discounts.

On a more serious note, you can also check eBay’s Detailed Seller Ratings page where they have more ideas on what you can do to make sure the smart eBay buyers don’t have a reason to leave you low DSRs. If you’re a buyer and you’re reading this, there is also some info for you to read there to help you understand how to properly rate an eBay seller.

Feel free to post a comment with your DSR ideas (silly or serious) for sellers to get perfect 5 Star DSRs or at least keep their DSR as close to 5 Stars as possible.

Sep 10 2009

How to Save Money on Printer Ink by Refilling your Ink Cartridge

Do you waste money buying brand new printer ink cartridges from your local store each time your computer tells you that you’re running low on printer ink?

STOP wasting money on new printer ink cartridges by refilling your printer ink cartridges!

I haven’t bought a new printer ink cartridge since September 2008 and I do a lot of printing. I have saved hundreds of dollars by refilling my printer ink cartridge and you can save money by refilling your printer ink cartridges too.

I bought a bottle of

on ebay for my Lexmark Inkjet Printer and I have been refilling my ink cartridge each time my computer gives me the low ink warning. The cost of the bottle of ink was less than a new cartridge would have cost and I have refilled my printer ink cartridge many, many, many times saving me hundreds of dollars and I still have plenty of ink left to continue refilling my printer ink cartridges.

I bought my printer ink refill kit from –

– which included specific instructions on where to make the small hole so you can refill the ink cartridge and a needle/syringe to make refilling the ink cartridges easier. I also purchased the

from this seller that makes it easier to make the small hole to refill the ink cartridge. The ink refilling instructions will be different for each brand of printer ink cartridge so be sure to follow the instructions that come with your printer ink refill kit EXACTLY.

Click the link above to search through the listings of the same ebay seller I purchased my Lexmark Inkjet printer ink refill kit from to find the ink refill kit for your specific printer or…

…just enter the name of your printer (Canon, Lexmark, HP, Epson, Dell, etc.) and model along with the words “printer ink refills” in the search box below to find the correct ink refill for your printer model:

If you don’t want to refill your ink cartridges you can still find great deals on your ink cartridges by entering your printer name and model with the words “ink cartridge” in the search box above and save a lot of money on printer ink.

Please feel free to leave comments on how much you saved with your printer ink cartridge refill kit or post your questions if you have any.

Sep 20 2008

Free eBay Auction Templates

Using the free ebay auction templates below will help make your ebay listings look more appealing and perhaps even help you increase your ebay sales making you more money M8! Using the ebay templates will also make things much easier for you when you list on ebay because you can just copy and paste the html code into your eBay listings saving you time. Time is money M8!

Below you will find simple, easy to use, FREE eBay Auction Templates that I created for you to use in your eBay auction listings. All you have to do is add your images (In the video below I will show you how to add your image code from or another photo hosting site for those of you who need help) and add the information about the product you’re selling.

I also included some basic information in the ebay templates that you will need to edit, keeping what you want, change it to fit your needs, adding or removing text as needed (again I’ll show you exactly how to do it in the video below).

All I ask as a courtesy to me for taking the time to create the ebay auction templates, along with video instructions on how to edit the templates and provide them to you free of charge, is that you keep the small link to this Free eBay Auction Template page that appears at the bottom of the templates.

If you need any help at all editing the free ebay template, adding your images, etc. feel free to contact me via the email at the contact tab at the top of the page and I’ll be happy to help you out, although you should have no problems if you follow the instructions in the video below.

Click links below for view what the ebay templates will look like and to get the HTML code for the template you choose:
Free eBay Auction Template 1
Free eBay Auction Template 2
Free eBay Auction Template 3
Free eBay Auction Template 4
Free eBay Auction Template 5
Free eBay Auction Template 6
Free eBay Auction Template 7
Free eBay Auction Template 8 (partial image of template 8 below)

After you edit the template with YOUR INFO, make sure you SAVE A COPY ON YOUR COMPUTER for future use so you don’t have to edit all the info each time. You’ll just have to add the images and product info, and the shipping, payment, policy, contact sections will already have your info that you add when I walk you through the steps of editing your ebay template in the video.

Things to have ready before starting the video below – log into your eBay account and go to the sell your item form, log into your PhotoBucket account so you’ll have the html code for an image ready for the video tutorial, choose one of the templates above and have the page open to get ready to copy the html code for the template. You’ll be able to pause the video as we go along so when you’re ready, click play.

Be sure to bookmark this page so you can find it easier when you need to watch the video again or choose a new template for your auctions.

Selling on eBay is a pretty simple thing to do from the comfort of your own home, but you should do some research on your products first. I recommend researching your items, seeing how many are being sold on ebay, check completed listings to see final sales prices, etc. Planning BEFORE you list on eBay is very important and using a free eBay auction template is part of your planning.

If you enjoyed this post and video or you think there is something I should add please post a comment. I’d really like to hear from those of you who have used my templates for your eBay auctions.

Sep 3 2008

Win a MacBook or MacBook Air in ShoeMoney Comment Contest 2

Shoemoney’s first comment contest, in which I won a ShoeMoney T-shirt, ended August 31 and they drew the winner for the MacBook Air. Unfortunately it wasn’t me who won, but the comment contest was quite successful and it’s back for another run. This time there will be a MacBook Air and a regular MacBook for commentators to win.

To enter is just as simple as before, you just need to post a comment on any of the articles over the course of September and October. Be sure to post some good comments though and not just something spammy.

So go on over to and take part in the discussion by posting comments and you might win a MacBook or MacBok Air.

This time I can win one and you can win the other ;-)

Aug 26 2008

ShoeMoney Shirt arrives – Few more days to enter ShoeMoney Comment Contest

The ShoeMoney shirt I won on 8-8-08 in ShoeMoney’s comment contest arrived last week and I finally had a chance to get a pic of me wearing it.


I am not as photogenic as ShoeMoney and I smile about as much as he does, but I think I have a lot more hair though ;-)

I’ll be sending my mugg with the ShoeMoney shirt to be added to ShoeMoney’s gallery with other ShoeMoney fans and friends sporting the ShoeMoney logo.

There’s still some time to win a ShoeMoney shirt by posting comments on and have a chance to win a MacBook Air. The current comment contest runs until August 31.

You could win a shirt, get your mugg in ShoeMoney’s gallery and possibly win a MacBook Air, all for just leaving a comment.

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