Jul 29 2008

John Chow Market Leverage Affiliate Challenge and a Contest too

John Chow has team up once again with Market Leverage for an affiliate challenge and another contest for those that don’t take part in the challenge. As posted by John Chow, “The challenge is pretty simple. Whoever makes the most money with Market Leverage in a month will win an iPod Touch and a $200 [...]

Jul 26 2008

Google NOT Digging Digg

I wanted to post an update…In the previous post I posted that Google was in the process of buying Digg.com for $200 Million, but now it seems Google doesn’t dig Digg after all and walked away from the deal, as posted on ShoeMoney.com Just like that, $200 Million was taken from the hands of Digg [...]

Jul 23 2008

Google to buy Digg for $200 Million

According to a report by TechCrunch, it appears Google is set to purchase Digg.com for $200 Million. Google has scooped up sites like this before, such as YouTube and FeedBurner and I’m sure they’ll be looking at many more in the future. How can you cash-in by selling your website? You may not have a [...]

Jul 15 2008

WordPress 2.6 Released

Of course if you have wordpress 2.5 you probably already know that WordPress 2.6 is available because as soon as you log into your admin dashboard, it says so right at the top. Here is a video preview of new features on WordPress 2.6 Looks like some pretty good new features if I do say [...]

Jul 14 2008

I won an iPod Nano

I took part in a survey from Web Perspectives and won an Apple 4GB iPod Nano. I also got paid $10 via PayPal. You won’t get rich by completing surveys, but you can get a few bucks here and there, plus occasionally win some cool prizes.

Jul 3 2008

John Chow and Bic Promo Pens bring us another great contest

John Chow dot Com and Bic Promo Pens, who sell Promotional Pens, have teamed up to bring you another great contest and this time there will be two winners. You can win one of two Flip Video cameras – one Flip Video Ultra and one Flip Video Mino. The winners can also expect a few [...]