May 31 2012

How to Get Twitter Followers

I’ve had a Twitter account since 2008, and it took me until 2010 before I tweeted for the first time. Since then I didn’t really do anything with it. I had less than 100 followers and followed about the same back with my MoneyM8 twitter. I was just too busy with other projects, websites, and work for my clients.

About a week and a half ago I decided to see if I could get more followers for the MoneyM8 Twitter. A few days later I had 777 followers as shown in the screenshot below.

777 Followers on Twitter

I gained 600+ followers in a few days. Today, a week and a day later, I’m up to 1644 followers. Gaining another 1000 or so followers.

1644 Followers on Twitter

Now, there are many people on Twitter that have many, many, many more followers than I do. I’m not trying to say I have a lot by posting the above. I’m just trying to show you with a bit of work you could have many people following you too.

I just started following people, and they would follow back. I’d unfollow people who unfollowed me, and continue following more people. I used Twitter apps like or to help with following and unfollowing.

I found hashtags #TeamFollowBack #iFollowBack #WeFollowBack and many more like them, had people who would follow back when you followed them. Using these types of hashtags will also help people find you when they click on them. Also, retweeting people’s tweets, especially those from “#TeamFollowBack” teams can help with gaining followers. These tweets will say something like “RETWEET IF YOU WANT NEW FOLLOWERS” or “RETWEET IF YOU’RE #TEAMFOLLOWBACK”.

Retweet if you want new followers

Now, this not might get you followers that fit in with your niche, but it can boost your followers quick (in a few days or weeks), which you can then compliment with more targeted followers.

If you want to guarantee getting a follower, follow me and I’ll follow back as soon as I’m on Twitter again.

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  1. massage therapy said:

    Yes i’m agree with you,and I,d unfollow all of those who unfollowed me…..

    September 6th, 2012 at 5:44 am


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