Sep 24 2013 worth $405,000 ?

Hey thanks Flippa for the up to $405,000 website valuation of I’ll tell ya what…first $400,000 takes it!

May 31 2012

How to Get Twitter Followers

I’ve had a Twitter account since 2008, and it took me until 2010 before I tweeted for the first time. Since then I didn’t really do anything with it. I had less than 100 followers and followed about the same back with my MoneyM8 twitter. I was just too busy with other projects, websites, and [...]

Mar 22 2010

Lagging, Hanging, Slow loading websites in Internet Explorer IE Firefox Browser Problem FIXED

I have been at my wits end the past few days trying to troubleshoot what was the cause of lagging, hanging, slow loading websites in Internet Explorer (IE) and Firefox browser. Both browsers have been slow to load websites and the loading icon would just spin and spin and spin without loading the websites. I [...]

Jan 1 2010

2010 New Year’s Resolutions – Tweet on Twitter and Blog EVERYDAY

HAPPY NEW YEAR! HAPPY 2010! HAPPY NEW DECADE! BYE BYE 2000′s…Hello 10′s! Now, I know many people come up with New Year’s resolutions every year to better themselves or the environment like; stop smoking, lose Weight, eat healthier, exercise more, get out of debt, drive less/walk more, use less energy, reduce/reuse/recycle more, all of which [...]

Nov 24 2009

How to Align Adsense Right or Left in your Blog Posts

If you are wondering how to align your Adsense ads in your blog posts to the right (float right) (as I have it when you go to the page) or align to the left (float left), then follow these simple instructions. I use the Adsense Deluxe WordPress plugin, so if you haven’t already done so, [...]

Sep 16 2009

How to guarantee perfect 5 Star Detailed Seller Ratings (DSR) from eBay Buyers

Ah yes, as an eBay seller, don’t you just love the 1 to 5 Star Detailed Seller Ratings (DSR) that eBay buyers can leave for you? In addition to feedback, eBay buyers can leave anonymous ratings from 1 to 5 Stars on 4 criteria – Item as described, Communication, Shipping time, Shipping and handling charges. [...]

Sep 10 2009

How to Save Money on Printer Ink by Refilling your Ink Cartridge

Do you waste money buying brand new printer ink cartridges from your local store each time your computer tells you that you’re running low on printer ink? STOP wasting money on new printer ink cartridges by refilling your printer ink cartridges! I haven’t bought a new printer ink cartridge since September 2008 and I do [...]

Sep 20 2008

Free eBay Auction Templates

Using the free ebay auction templates below will help make your ebay listings look more appealing and perhaps even help you increase your ebay sales making you more money M8! Using the ebay templates will also make things much easier for you when you list on ebay because you can just copy and paste the [...]

Sep 3 2008

Win a MacBook or MacBook Air in ShoeMoney Comment Contest 2

Shoemoney’s first comment contest, in which I won a ShoeMoney T-shirt, ended August 31 and they drew the winner for the MacBook Air. Unfortunately it wasn’t me who won, but the comment contest was quite successful and it’s back for another run. This time there will be a MacBook Air and a regular MacBook for [...]

Aug 26 2008

ShoeMoney Shirt arrives – Few more days to enter ShoeMoney Comment Contest

The ShoeMoney shirt I won on 8-8-08 in ShoeMoney’s comment contest arrived last week and I finally had a chance to get a pic of me wearing it. YES IT WAS SUNNY INSIDE!!!! :D I am not as photogenic as ShoeMoney and I smile about as much as he does, but I think I have [...]

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