Sep 20 2008

Free eBay Auction Templates

Using the free ebay auction templates below will help make your ebay listings look more appealing and perhaps even help you increase your ebay sales making you more money M8! Using the ebay templates will also make things much easier for you when you list on ebay because you can just copy and paste the [...]

Aug 5 2008

How to Add YouTube Videos to phpBB

With bulletin boards such as phpBB, you can’t embed videos just by copying and pasting the embed code in a post. With the new PHPBB3 they have a feature that allows you to create custom BB code tags, which I did for a forum so I could embed YouTube Videos in a post, and I’ll [...]

Jul 15 2008

WordPress 2.6 Released

Of course if you have wordpress 2.5 you probably already know that WordPress 2.6 is available because as soon as you log into your admin dashboard, it says so right at the top. Here is a video preview of new features on WordPress 2.6 Looks like some pretty good new features if I do say [...]