Jan 1 2010

2010 New Year’s Resolutions – Tweet on Twitter and Blog EVERYDAY

HAPPY NEW YEAR! HAPPY 2010! HAPPY NEW DECADE! BYE BYE 2000′s…Hello 10′s! Now, I know many people come up with New Year’s resolutions every year to better themselves or the environment like; stop smoking, lose Weight, eat healthier, exercise more, get out of debt, drive less/walk more, use less energy, reduce/reuse/recycle more, all of which [...]

Jun 18 2008

What Blog Script Should I Use

When starting a blog you have to decide if you want to use the free blog hosting services of a site like Blogger.com and WordPress.com or to host your own blog. The benefit of using the free blog services is it’s easy to set up and it is hosted for free. Their upgrades are automatic [...]

Jun 1 2008

Do you have time to start a new blog?

I originally planned to start this blog on May 1st and as you can see my first post came on May 9th stating I would be working on it over the next few days… Well…today is June 1 and nothing has changed on this blog. I haven’t even started. So the question is…Do I have [...]