Jul 29 2008

John Chow Market Leverage Affiliate Challenge and a Contest too

John Chow has team up once again with Market Leverage for an affiliate challenge and another contest for those that don’t take part in the challenge. As posted by John Chow, “The challenge is pretty simple. Whoever makes the most money with Market Leverage in a month will win an iPod Touch and a $200 [...]

Jun 16 2008

Market Leverage and DatMoney bring us another Awesome Contest

Once again M8′s I bring you another awesome contest with Market Leverage involved. This time the contest is at DatMoney.com I am really impressed with the way Market Leverage treats everyone they deal with and when I get this blog and design set up proper, I’m going to be connecting with them. (you may have [...]

Jun 14 2008

Cool Contest at Affiliate Confession

Here you go M8′s! Another big contest with cool prizes that has Market Leverage involved once again, along with Vat19.com, and Affiliate Confession where this contest is being held. Here are the Prizes You Can Win: A Nintendo DS Lite along with 2 games valued at $155 from Alan at Affiliate Confession. A Flip Mino [...]

Jun 12 2008

Market Leverage Contest on John Chow

Market Leverage and John Chow have teamed up for a contest for a Bag of Stuff. And this Bag of Stuff is quite the prize! The bag will have a Market Leverage T Shirt, golf shirt, jacket and cap so you’ll show Market Leverage some promo love when you’re sporting it around town. BUT you’re [...]